What people say about their Kolaimni experience:

“This is wonderful! I feel connected with all my parts, also lighter, Thank you for this gift”. D.T

“Thank you for a delightful healing! I feel lighter and freer in the universe.” E.H

 “Absolutely wonderful! I feel filled with light, clearer, relaxed. I feel all rejuvenated and enlivened. Total happiness.  Thank you! “. J.C

 “What a gift you have given to me today. Thank you for bringing me such a sense of peace and calm, everything feels connected inside me and outward to the universe.” G.C.

“Great relaxing warmth. What a gift! I want more.” F.M

“I am much more refreshed and relaxed. Thank you.” E.H 


On self healing:

“I’d like to share an experience: I had a terrible pain on the right side of my head, (including my face) that had started with a toothache. It was so painful that I almost cried. So, I lay down on my bed and practiced Kolaimni on this specific area. After less than 15mn, I got up and the pain was G.O.N.E!” F.N


On distance healing:

“I had my first Kolaimni distance session today. A sense of warmth enveloped me throughout the session and stayed with me all day. I felt refreshed and invigorated, as if awakening from a deep sleep. The normal anxiety of my day was gone, replaced with what I can only describe as “luxurious peace.” I am looking forward to having more Kolaimni sessions in the future. “J.R.


Testimonials from Kolaimni Course Participants:

“The class was very enlightening; the material was well covered. I received the knowledge with an open heart and it all came together as a very profound whole awakening. The learning was easy.”  K.S

“The course was very interesting and we feel your positive energy and enthusiasm about Kolaimni and it’s very contagious! It was a very fun and intense weekend and we learned so much that it has made a difference in how we think today.” G.P 

” Delightful weekend which makes me appreciate the present moment. Thanks to you all. “S.G.

  ” This weekend was fantastically magic!” F.M. 

” We are enchanted with our weekend with you!” L.R. 

“It is difficult to give an evaluation of the course because you have to live it, feel it. Kolaimni represents what I was missing. A new dimension with the feeling of being connected, bathed in the universal light. I had never learned any healing modality, it was totally new to me, yet practice was easier than what I expected. I enjoyed giving and receiving healings.” N.D

“I had previously learnt techniques of magnetism and reiki which I value very much but I can assert today that Kolaimni resonates deeply in me, I feel a special closeness with Kolaimni.” S.G

“I have practiced relaxation therapy, cardiac coherence, mindful meditation, magnetism and reiki for many years but Kolaimni is different and I feel a deeper sense of letting go. As if I now allowed myself to let the Light illuminate my steps. My outlook has changed, even more simplicity.” G.L.B

“The knowledge transmitted lived up to my expectations. Even beyond. I am aware of having received a treasure.” N.M