Kolaimni is non-invasive, allowing the subject to remain fully clothed while receiving the treatment.  Kolaimni works on the Electro-magnetic sheath or etheric field that encircles the body. This field covers the area that is 1/2 to 2 inches immediately above the body.  When you receive a Kolaimni, you are allowing the practitioner to give  you an “etheric massage.”  The Kolaimnist’s hands do not touch the body, but are moved 1/2 to 2 inches above the body using short strokes which massage and infuse energy into the recipient.  The chakra centers are vortexes of power that connect us to the core of the Life Force that vitalizes all of our being.  During a Kolaimni the body’s energy centers (chakras) are opened and balanced helping to resynchronize the body, which intensifies the healing process.

During a Kolaimni, the recipient becomes deeply relaxed, stress evaporates, and the body is able to heal.  Healing takes place at the molecular level as the restorative Light energy penetrates into the physical body.  Each of us has an innate ability to restore ourselves to wholeness and to help others connect their restorative energies to the Universal Light.  The practitioner does not use their own energy, only the energy from the Universal Light flowing through them.  Full body sessions are normally recommended even if you have focused on a particular concern of the recipient. “Spot light” sessions can be performed according to the immediate need and when there is no time for a total Kolaimni.