FREE Introduction To Kolaimni Sessions

It is my honor to bring this healing technique to this area.  I am a Reiki Master and a Kolaimni Instructor.  FREE Kolaimni Introduction It has been my experience as a Kolaimni practitioner and Reiki Master that the Kolaimni Healings are a more a powerful healing technique than Reiki.  Kolaimni does not have any symbols to memorize or attunements and the practitioner does not touch the physical body of the recipient. You can learn this technique and then be able to offer it to friends and family to dramatically improve their lives on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

I am presenting a free Kolaimni Introductory session,  where I will share information about this powerful healing technique and do a demonstration which will take about 60 minutes and then I will  offer an opportunity for you to experience this powerful healing technique by offering Kolaimni healings for a donation/love offering.

Due to the pandemic all intros and trainings have been cancelled.