Must I change my beliefs?
Kolaimni illuminates our existing beliefs and is nothing you have to take on blind faith. It is something you can actually experience. Although a person does not have to have any kind of “belief” in Kolaimni for it to be effective, it is good to open your heart and mind to understanding. We are physical bodies entwined with mind and spirit. Kolaimni touches all three. This connection affects everything in life.

Why is Kolaimni here now?
Light and energy can change physical matter and a comforting technique which uses no tools except light, energy and healing hands is indeed useful. The ability to heal and help others is needed in the world today.

Why should I be interested in Kolaimni?
People who practice Kolaimni use the Light to aid the sick, comfort the broken hearted and strengthen the ones who are weak and weary. But Kolaimni is more than just being able to give physical support. It is learning to be more spiritually aware of life and your own environment and learning how to experience the oneness of life which we all share. Best of all, Kolaimni is a healing technique that people of all ages can learn and use and it is affordable for all!!!

How does Kolaimni fit in my life?
No matter what is in your Divine Plan, you are a unique individual who has something wonderful to share. If you are a seeker reaching for teachings which will help you understand how you fit into the scheme of things, Kolaimni may open the way for you.

Are there different levels of Kolaimni teachings?
Yes and your own life needs will determine your interest. As a beginner (Kolaimni 1) you will find both giving and receiving a Kolaimni places you in a relaxed, pleasant state. You can actually feel the surge of energy as the light flows from your hands into the recipient’s body, vitalizing and balancing. Sometimes your entire body will grow warm or you will feel a delightful coolness or will actually tingle. You will be doing what is called an etheric message or “connecting with Light, Healing & Force”, later in Kolaimni 2, you may wish to develop your natural powers further and learn to be more specific with the Light. Only you will know if this is right for you.